Anonymous: do you draw ur art on paper and scan it or do you do it on photoshop?

I do it all on paper, occasionally in uni I do it on Illustrator but usually I’m too lazy to work digitally 

Anonymous: by looking at your art and your asks. I imagine you as a very skinny, i.e rib cage showing. white person. who smokes heavily, with chared and yellow teeth. veiny hands and dark sunken eyes. you get around 2-3 hours of sleep a night. and your floor is wooden exposed with cigarrette butts and empty bottles of spirits on the floor.

You’re pretty much right on the money

(though I like to think my teeth aren’t that bad) 

Anonymous: "One of the people" does this mean you have multiple significant others ?

I’m dating more than one person, other people probably have different definitions but I mean dating as in casually seeing, they’re not exclusive relationships, it’s the ‘let just have fun as see what happens’ stage 

Anonymous: why wouldn't you date someone a year younger? so you wouldn't date a 18/17 year old? do you date older?

I definitely wouldn’t date a 17 year old, I’m nearly 20 for god’s sake, there’s no way I’d date someone I couldn’t even take to the pub. I could date an 18 yr old but probably wouldn’t, I would prefer someone who’s in the same academic year as me, preferably moved out, preferably at university etc.

And yes I do date older, one of the people I’m dating at the moment is 27  

Anonymous: Does it matter to you if a person you liked was younger ?

I won’t date anyone who’s over a year younger than me

Anonymous: How many David Bowies could a David Bowie if a David Bowie could David Bowie?

David Bowie can do whatever the fuck David Bowie wants to do, there is no question 

everything aches 

everything aches 

Anonymous: What kind of dog do you most closely resemble?

probably some kind of border collie mutt 

Anonymous: I had the same things and it turned out to be b12 and now i have to go to the doctor every week to get injections in my leg and its better now although i think bc of your alcohol problems the headache can get worse but i dont know you so maybe it has nothing to do with your alcohol problems, but those problems can make things worse in general. You should go to the doctor

I think my body is just shutting down due to the years of abuse and bad life choices it’s endured 

Anonymous: what was the most recent things you've been in counseling for?

uh, well after an incident at uni I was given the ultimatum of either a forced leave of absence (because they were worried for my well-being and basically told me to go home and rest for two weeks) or weekly sessions with the uni counselor, so I took the weekly sessions (because I thought disappearing for two weeks would just raise questions with like everyone in my studio and I didn’t want to have to discuss my personal life) and then that counselor referred me to someone else after a couple of weeks because of my issues with substance abuse, but I stopped seeing her when I finished uni

yeah that’s the most recent