My friend finally moved in today, house feels so much more homely. Now just to wait for the other three to move up, feeling pretty optimistic about our new household. Oh how I missed Peckham.  

So now you’ve grown up and I’ve showed up in your dreams

Anonymous: idk you know for yourself that you are something and not just one to say oh bc your drawings give away your soul, partly

sometimes I just do’t have much to say

Anonymous: You sound like a fucking Skins character

Pahahahahahahah oh my god I could be a skins character. 

But nah not enough drama in my life - me and my friends just all get along. None of the highschool shit. 

Anonymous: no dont just say oh

what do you want from meeee

Anonymous: you know what? i like you but fuck you that means less bc everybody likes you



Anonymous: your penpal here - i sent you an email a few days ago. you're probably busy with moving and all but thought i'd let you know so i really dont mean this in an impatient way

I’ve replied! sorry it took so long! 

So sorry it took so long for me to answer those asks - we’ve had issues with internet at my new house and no notification showed up so I just didn’t notice them!

Anonymous: Hi I was just wondering how you found the foundation at Camberwell? Did you enjoy all of the projects? were the teaching/exercises you did useful? Did you learn about every area of art well enough? & was it easy to get advice from tutors? :) Sorry about all the questions I just need to make a decision :3

Yes I loved it - a lot of the exercises I found weird and pointless at the time, but looking back now I can see that they were vital to breaking down our inhibitions surrounding our work and giving us the confidence to do whatever we like no matter how crazy or stupid it may seem at first, which is really important.

Anonymous: Another one, don't you really think shy people are sort of mysterious and awkward in a good way? I guess it depends on the person then. But I felt bad what people might think about me now, I'm literally shy as hell- but I can keep a conversation going well if the person I'm talking to is willing. It's just that I get bored and withdraw myself.

I used to be a painfully shy child, it effected my whole life. As I got older I got over it, I made friends, they gave me confidence and now I think it’s fair to say that although I’m not the most chatting I’m a pretty confident person and I talk to pretty much whoever. I quite like shy people, I think because I know exactly what it’s like so I don’t find them boring or rude, I still have a lot in common with them.